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Commercialisation of project's results

From InclusionSociety to WellTogether ...

After the project was completed, two of the partners have taken the responsibility to commercialize the results of InclusionSociety project, Alloy (UK) and Hospital Organiser ( Norway). The partners have built up base for common company to regulate the cooperation between the partners. WellTogether Ldt, WTL, own the project IPR and will have hands on sales units in various countries. In the first phase, in UK and Norway for the Nordic countries. The product name has been changed from InclusionSociety to WellTogether. Further development The partners, Alloy and Hospital Organiser, have taken further steps for developing the InclusionSociety project results in order to strengthen the product standard and enhancing the product functionality. This by new version of the system, the version 2.0, which will be launched in June 2014, there are considerable expectations that the new version will create huge interest in the marked. The Coordinator considers that the InclusionSociety has been proved as successful AAL project. Further, the project results will lead to improved services at home for elderly in various countries as well as simplifying the work of carer at all levels for the consortium customers in UK and in Nordic countries. Ref. to WellTogether homepage below: