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Adaptable Ambient Living Assistant
Final project video
File PS document D1.1 Requirements list regarding the needs and preferences of the user groups
File D1.2 List of selected functions
File D1.3 Requirements List regarding User Manuel
File D1.4 Analysis of pilot's first test-run
File Troff document D1.5 Analysis of pilot's second test-run with qualitative advices on how to improve specific functions/usability of the robot
File chemical/x-isostar D1.6 Final report on the requirements list
File D1.7 Comprehensive User Manual
File Troff document D2.1 Report on the specifications of an alphanumerical and symbol-based keyboard front
File ECMAScript program D2.2 Unified integration framework for different software modules
File D2.4 Software package with multimodal interface to kernel of the user-machine-interface
File Troff document D3.1 Dialog Manager Concept
File shell script D3.2 Knowledge databases in French, German and English
File x-conference/x-cooltalk D3.3 Document identification system basing on face and voice
File D3.4 Documented Prototype of Dialogue Manager
File D3.6 First dialogue system with integrated physiological monitoring
File D3.7 Dialogue System Updated to User's Needs
File D3.8 Final Dialogue System
File text/texmacs D4.1 Specification of an event model for representing personal events
File chemical/x-pdb D4.2 Module for cross-media linking of personal events to web content
File D4.3 Module for knowledge enrichment of event descriptions
File D4.4 Module for personalized discovery of news contacts on line
File chemical/x-pdb D4.5 Module for retrieval of opinionated content
File chemical/x-pdb D4.6 Cross-media linking of personal events to web content
File D4.7 Module for topics recommendation
File Troff document D4.8 Module for cross-lingual chat support
File chemical/x-pdb D5.1 Rapid Prototyping Environment
File Troff document D5.3 Tests of the BCI System with the robot
File D6.1 Report on different navigation strategies to approach elderly people in a polite manner
File chemical/x-pdb D6.2 Collection of several approaching strategies for a robot platform in an ambient assisted living environment
File D6.3 First navigation software module
File D6.4 Update navigation software module
File ECMAScript program D7.1 Pilots and System Integration - Objectives
File D6.5 Final navigation software module
File D8.1 Project Management Guidelines and project website
File D8.2 Project Detailed work plan and Quality Plan