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Fostering Social Interactions for a Better Life of the Elderly
File D1 Analysis and definition of the technical infrastructure
File D2.1 Report on user requirements as with respect to the addressed applications
File text/texmacs D2.2 Documents that describe the functionality of the system and its components
File ECMAScript program D3.1 Report on concepts for the new devices
File D2.3 Report on comparative macro analysis and on market study
File D3.2a Mock-ups of the devices - Fraunhofer
File D3.2b Mock-ups of the devices - Fraunhofer
File D3.2c Mock-ups of the devices - Fraunhofer
File ECMAScript program D3.3 Early hardware prototypes
File RealAudio document D3.4 Report on proof of concepts according integration feasibility with platform
File ECMAScript program D3.5 Stable hardware prototypes
File Troff document D3.6 Early hardware prototypes, integration of a vision based sensor technology into a furniture object
File RealAudio document D4.1 Early and advanced, stable prototypes of the main social media platform
File D4.2 Early and advanced, stable prototypes of software applications
File chemical/x-pdb D5.1 Report on requirements of software components and tools for observation and tracking in laboratory and Living Lab environment
File D5.2 Software prototypes according to D5.1
File D5.3 Report on new approaches of user-centered research methodologies for ICT for the ageing society
File D5.4 Prototypes of input/output devices integrated in furniture
File D5.5 Prototypes of evaluation tools to test software components and sensors
File text/texmacs D6.1 Report on inHaus lab evaluation results
File text/texmacs D6.2 Report on usability tests
File ECMAScript program D7.1 Redesigned Use Cases
File text/texmacs D7.2 Test results
File D7.4 Psychological impacts of the system usage
File D8.3 Report on developed business models
File D8.5 Overall and Individual Partner's exploitation plans
File application/x-maker D9.1 Quality handbook